Factual Fabrications is a forward-thinking digital record label and consultant.

What does it mean to put out a music single, video or record?  As a buyer, you’re not marching down to Sam Goody with your allowance anymore.  What’s a Sam Goody?  Regardless of how you get music, music still gets you.   So how does one build a career making music?  How do you navigate an environment where you can barely see a few steps down the road?  Coming from a strong music industry background, Factual Fabrications aims to make the process of being and having a label as simple and streamlined as possible.  In one regard, there’s not much to releasing music.  In another, it’s life-consuming.  We aim to bridge that gap:  Just like a computer used to fill up a room and now fits on a pin, a record label doesn’t need to be a huge, clunky power-suck anymore.  Factual Fabrications can be your label, or consult on how to move in the right direction with your music.


orchard_logo_screenWe are digitally distributed through The Orchard.  This allows our releases to be strategically planned and marketed to more online retail outlets than any other digital distribution platform.  Your release needs to be showcased on as many digital retailers as possible in order to make it easy for fans to find your music.  It’s not that hard, but it takes a lot of work!  In addition, we have working relationships with many artists, managers, agents and publicists.


Licensing is an essential and valuable part of maintaining a career in music.  Even on a small scale, a musician can supplement his income as well as touring and recording expenses through licensing.  In the old, non-sustainable days of the music industry, recording companies and music publishing companies would persuade artists to sign away their publishing rights.  These big publishing companies would then sit on your material, waiting for synch opportunities to come to them instead of actively pitching on your behalf.  Why would a working musician or artist want to be signed to the same publishing company as say, Drake?  Your music is bound to sit idly for the duration of the contract.  Artists of today are coming to understand that selling publishing rights is not necessary.  You can retain the publishing rights to your creations and have your music placed ON YOUR OWN!  Yes, you… Mr. I Just Played A Gig For 5 People.  Factual Fabrications can help.  We have relationships with many non-exclusive music libraries as well as administrative publishing companies (who do not take away your rights).  Smarten up, open the market up.

Audio Mixing & Engineering

The Factual Fabrications offices have an in-house studio where we offer recording, mixing and mastering services. We are fluent in Pro Tools and Logic Pro, the two premiere digital audio workstations. Our small studio is outfitted with the highest caliber of recording equipment and instruments. It’s perfectly suited for your overdubs or mixing sessions. We are conveniently located and offer a very at-home feel, which helps translate to an assured, honest sound.

Event & Tour Planning

Live music is the most dynamic part of the music spectrum.  Factual Fabrications has years of experience working at music events.  We have done everything from roadie to ticket sales to artist hospitality to sound design.   We can play an integral part of your show, tour or production.

Our Artists

Phil and the Osophers

Phil and the Osophers

Phil and the Osophers is the moniker of Philip Radiotes, who has released 8 LPs and a Christmas record. Content over form, style above all. Raised in the folk style, his music crosses and weaves current and classic genres while staying true to traditional form with an emphasis on philosophical lyrics.

the hot moonThe Hot Moon

The Hot Moon is the first project combining John Paul Labno (ex. Staircase, Grand Ole Party, Mr Tube and the Flying Objects) and pianist / vocalist Sasha Evangelista. Factual Fabrications is proud to release their custom vinyl debut LP.

a4241216257_2Vegetarian Werewolf

The alter-ego of John Paul Labno (ex. Staircase, Grand Ole Party, Mr Tube and the Flying Objects), Vegetarian Werewolf summons up a crazed mix of boombox love with a herbivore howl.

Phil and the Osophers - Ink On The Page